Bringing a Mare to Heath Stud

  • Your mare needs to have negative results to a CEM clitoral swab before being covered. She does not need to be in season for this procedure, results take between 7-10 days.
  • Your mare will need a well-fitting head collar and her passport.
  • She should be unshod.
  • Before we turn her out we will worm her.
  • After she comes into season and she is covered she will be turned out until she is due to be tried again (about 21 days) to see if she has held to service - if not, we cover her again. If she has held we then arrange for her to be scanned in foal. Our vet will advise if a further scan is recommended in case of twinning - this is up to you and would be done by you after taking your mare home, unless you chose to leave her with us.
  • Our terms are 'Scanned in Foal' and your account should be settled on collection of your mare, when you will be given your Covering Certificate to register the foal with the Arab Horse Society. We reserve the right to hold your mare until your account is paid in full - and keep will continue to be added until she is collected and the full account cleared.
  • Every care taken but we cannot take responsibility for accident or disease. Mares are boarded and covered at owner's risk.
  • If there is anything else you would like to know that is not covered above, please contact us.