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I bought Ballymaginthy Firefly as a 2 year old from the breederi 2007 and she is every bit as enchanting as her sister looks . I was trying to trace the where abouts of any of her sisters/brothers. I am not sure if you bought butterfly from the breeder but he had 2 brood mares and the stallion ,,therefore 2 foals per year ..or if you know the whereabouts of any offvspring of this original stock....Thank you

 Helen Aldred - Posted Aug 10 2013



 Hi, i have owned Bonnie Safira since feb 09. She has just become an advanced endurance horse and is competing in her first race ride, 80K at Dukeries onsat 28th may2011

 Jenny Doxey - Posted May 23 2011



 Hi Julia, both Mamma and Madge are both now in season! I am thinking that I would like a palamino anglo arab next time. colourds seem to be fashionable and I just cant do a pikie looking broken coloured job!!!I will come and have a look again at Lisa's stallion and will give you a ring. If I remember rightly he was a bit narrow chested for my liking??Anyway, I cannot have 4and one must go this year. Sam is proving to have his Mums amazxing temperament and learns fast. It is a week now since his castration and he has forgiven me and wants to please. Will be in touch Marilyn x

Marilyn - Posted Apr 01 2011



Hello Julia and Lisa, Thank you for the opportunity for me to breed my gorgeous mare Charm with your gorgeous stallion Xivier, I think you agree what a stunning foal it will be. I trust she is settled in and happy now. Although I missing my baby. 

 Amanda - Posted May 21 2010