Some of our thoughts on the breed


In praise of the Anglo-Arab

An Anglo-Arab horse is a mixture of Arab and Thoroughbred blood in any proportion i.e. you can have a 75% Arab to 25% Thoroughbred or vice-versa.      Some breeders prefer slightly more Thoroughbred blood;  some more Arabian.   Personally, I think the most attractive thing about breeding Anglo-Arabs is the fact that you can mix and match your bloodlines to produce an animal perfect for just about any discipline.   When you think about it, what you are in fact doing is re-mixing Thoroughbred bloodlines back with their original Arab blood.   All English Thoroughbred horses trace their ancestry to three Arabian sires The Darley Arabian, The Godolphin Arabian and the Byerley Turk.   I like to think of the breeding of Anglo-Arabs as improving the Thoroughbred lines, giving that infusion of looks, stamina and intelligence which the Arab has been prized for through the centuries, combined with the extra size and scope that the Thoroughbred offers.